IN 2020





























  1. extrusion*
  2. the measure of things
  3. what’s for lunch?
  4. technique
  5. subjective
  6. visionary
  7. perspective
  8. elaboration
  9. feel-it
  10. inside outside (the camera, the vision)








1. extrusion is a concept used in Photoshop 3D. You take a existing picture and expend in a imaginary space as far and big and in which form you want. My question is here: what weight/form/scale do you give an image. How much time and witch thought?






All panels: 33 x 48cm. oil, mixed techniques, a lacquer layer on top.

  1. 2 faces, after Johannes Vermeer’s milk maid, open eyes self portret, mixed techniques
  2. oil painting after Da Vinci’s Vitruviusman, selfportret
  3. piece out of the ‘Le Dejeuner sur L’herbe’ series, mixed techniques
  4. oil painting of a Mitchell Standard / High Speed Model A, 35mm Movie Camera Package, 1919
  5. … inclusive cappuccino ( a mega-stable, cows misuse for central human profit )
  6. oil painting after Oscar Schlemmer Bauhaus symbol 1929
  7. oil painting after Photo of the Triana, 2016 NASA
  8. oil painting elaboration (transformation out of the tomb-series )
  9. oil painting after the Milk Maid of Johannes Vermeer 1658
  10. oil painting