fifth chair:



(work in progress)



The ‘DAS 1’

The name DAS comes from the abbreviation of that-is. A chair for contemplation and rest.


fourth chair:

BUS 4:

third chair:

The name BUS comes from the means of transport: the bus, the change of place but also of the word bus: cylinder shape


second chair:



BUS (01)
45 x 45 x 92cm.
It is my intention in this series that, slowly (chair by chair) the object changes from chair into …something else. It’s called Bus because its ment to travel and provide people.

first chair:

This is the first chair i ever made and a ode to Rietveld. The model was inspired on the Steltman chair witch clear changes in size, proportion and material. The arm is different and this model is made up, each time, by three wooden laths in stead of one. The combination with this style and color became a new and a playful tribute to Rietveld, the Stijl and Mondriaan in detail. The beginning.




Order a chair, specially designed.