Blue Series

Blue Series

Collage, mixed techniques. after Susanne of Artemesia Gentileschi and Susanna of Rembrandt van Rijn. The Blue Series. 33 x 48cm. on paper

the #metoo of the history of painting

1. ‘Jacomina and the Elders’

2. ‘ Free Lucretia’

3. ‘Free=Let Go’

4. ‘Story of Lucretia in Time and Place’

5. Tarquinius’

6. ‘Murder’

7. ‘Susanna and the Elder’



‘Jacomina and the Elders’


The Visions.



‘Free Lucretia’

quadruple 4x 100/80cm. oil on canvas 2017

Important. Must be read from right to left, contradictory, because time has evolved from left to right.

All prints are realised with the support of ARCA printer supplies and INNOVA

4x 100/80cm. oil on canvas 2014-2017

Series about mans’s dominance and violence over woman in the history of painting.

An investigation of a crime-scene. What this still means today in the world of painting and specific, what it means to to me.

Encyclopedie of (all male)masters in the history of painting.

‘Free Femen’

mixed techniques on paper, 2016

(after Caravaggio ‘Crowning With Thrones’)


‘Free=Let Go’

2. Study of hands moving and solving

33x48cm. on paper

1. ‘let go’ digital image 2. ‘solve’ mixed techniques 3. ‘hold and dissapear’ ink, acrylic

4. ‘bang’ mixed techniques 5. ‘hold back’ ink, acrylic paint 6. ‘free’ mixed techniques




‘Study of Lucretia into Time and Place’


Paint (left), mixed techniques, collage on paper, 33x48cm. 2015

‘Time and Place’ (TV screen)

Oil on panel, 33 x 48cm 2015



Collage and mixed techniques, 33x48cm. on paper 2016



fases of the painting 2015:

Left above 3x

  1. Jewelleryshop fight in Deurne, oil on panel 33 x 48cm.
  2. study 4, mixed techniques on paper, 33 x 48cm.
  3. study 8, mixed techniques, 33 x 48cm.


‘Susanna and the Elder’


2 drawings of Gentileschi’s Sasanna, 33 x 48cm. (left: reference to ‘Tapp und Tastkino’, artwork of Valerie Export 1968).

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