Monalisa Series

Monalisa Series 2019

oil paintings on panel, 33 x 48cm.

Paintings made from experimental film material-stills. Film adaption from the film registration in Betty Asvalt Theater by Buble Eyes 14 april 2018

Monalisatoneel  Mode Is Een Tiran. Written by Yve du Bois. Styling & foto’s by Yo de Bo. Players: Monique van Miltenburg, Celine Kroon, Andrea van Pol, Patricia Werner Leanse, Yo de Bo, Aynoek Tan, Jacomina van Loon.







EXPERIMENTAL FILM  by Jacomina on Vimeo




Draft article by Mieke Bal submitted for discussion to the conference Imperfection organized by Ellen Rutten, March 11-12, and for a seminar on intermedialities, Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, on February 20 2019: Making Meaning with Mistakes




Dans L’Herbe

140 x 90 cm. oil on canvas


‘The Gate Of Europe’


Mixed techniques 33x48cm. on paper and a digital design below. 2 Preliminary studies for an oil painting, work in progress…

1 woman, all white people!
A contemporary comment on ‘The Night Watch’ of Rembrandt:

1. ‘The Gate of Europe’
Below the development of four phases. The gate of Amsterdam stands for the gateway of Europe. A tribute to Angela Merkel as a strong leader that directs and moves in a humanitarian social intercourse.

Mixed and printed techniques on paper 33x48cm. The bottom one is the first pencil drawing after the original painting

BUS 1 and 2

second chair:


Bus (01)
45 x 45 x 92cm.
It is my intention in this series that, slowly (chair by chair) the object changes from chair into …something else. It’s called Bus because its ment to travel and provide many people.



bus 1 and bus 2

first chair:

This is the first chair i ever made. It became a ode to Rietveld. The model was inspired on the Steltman chair witch clear changes in size, proportion and material. The arm is different and this model is made up, each time, by three wooden laths in stead of one. The combination with this style and color became a new and a playful tribute to the Stijl and Mondriaan in detail.